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Welcome to the home of collecting

A social media community for people with a passion for collecting. From

comic books to stamps, military to dolls, action figures to movie memorabilia,

if you collect it, here is the place to share, learn, discuss, hear first about

events and be part of a social media community dedicated to collecting,

it is the natural place to be no matter what you collect.

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From collecting novices to experts, Sqrall is a place for all levels of interest in collecting, collections and memorabilia. Everyone is on sqrall to meet other collectors with similar interests around the world, to write about their experiences, to share and show their collections and see what events are happening around the world.


Why not join up and take a look for yourself today? We'd love to meet you!

Latest Blog Entries

  • alan


    The Empire Strikes Back! Anti May the 4th Video

    May the 4th has always been a special day for Star Wars fans, but this year a little spice has been thrown into the Star Wars mix. It seems that the Empire is tired of all the Jedi wearing, droid loving fans praising the rebel alliance on this day and have created a video calling for supporters to strike back! In this wonderful Star Wars Video the Empire talks of the dangers from the rebel alliance and asks you to support the cause. So today on the May the 4th which side are you going to choose?


  • hippiepilot


    Vanagon Wars

    Found this a while back thought it needed to be added to the pinterest starwars board. vanagon wars


  • alan


    Disney Star Wars Weekends New Logo Hot Off The Press!

    Have the Disney Star Wars weekends ever gained so much attention as they this year? With the recent, seems like forever though, franchise buyout of Star Wars it seems Disney are going all out to capitalize on that expense. Whatever the expense you know that Disney is going to milk this for everything it has. Some people will not like what they see I am sure, just like with Episode 1,2 and 3 but for the most of us Star Wars fanatics I am sure it will be a light speed journey of epic proportions.